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Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

As we head into a new decade, social media remains a dominant force in our daily lives. 15 million users are active on Facebook in Australia monthly, whilst 9 million are active on Instagram.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% use social media to research products and services. But as more users realise the benefits social media platforms can have for their business, the more clutter we’ll see in our feeds.

As we move into 2020, it’s important to stay at the forefront of social media and the methods, tactics and tools that will allow you and your business to cut through the noise.

But what trends could prove impactful and change the way we market our businesses and selves on social media?


As Facebook, Instagram and YouTube continue to grow in audiences so does the noise on these platforms. As users become disillusioned with these channels, Niche channels will cater to like-minded audiences will continue to grow in popularity.

We have already seen this with the growth of Tik Tok. A platform with a high youth-based audience that uses short-form video content. With its rapid growth in popularity, however, it can be argued if this platform can still be considered a niche.

Other platforms such as Twitch (gamer based streaming platform), LinkedIn (targeting corporate and businesses), Dribbble (for designers) and Goodreads (for book lovers and authors) have also found growth in the past year or two. This is due to like-minded audiences finding better connectivity leading to higher conversions and less competition for businesses on these channels.


It’s no big secret that humans are programmed to be attracted to motion. And when it comes to social media, we continue to consume video format regardless of whether it is a short (Tik Tok or IG Stories) or long format (YouTube).

After all, Facebook and YouTube continue to be the most widely used platform in Australia every month.

A recent HubSpot study also highlighted that people are consuming more videos than ever before. 88% of Marketers stated video gives them a positive ROI on their marketing investment whether that be leads, sales, engagements or views.

As more marketers increase their video content, it’s important for businesses to ensure they cut through this noise as well.

Incorporating video content whether that be through Stories or video for advertising, will prove beneficial and allow businesses the opportunity to cut through visually on platforms in 2020 effectively.


In late 2019, Instagram has incorporated Augmented Reality opportunities via their online shopping feature.

A handful of brands were afforded the option to allow consumers the chance to use AR filters to try their products on themselves. These included makeup & eyewear.

The platform also gave access to their Spark AR public beta which allows anyone to publish their own AR effects as Story filters on the platform.

Could this be the new try before you buy an option that potential online shoppers have been searching for? No doubt giving customers the option to see what products will look like on them within the comfort of their homes will assist online shopping revenue and those online retailers even further.


And just as AR can provide users with the opportunity to shop effortlessly at home, so too will the adoption of more shoppable features across Social Media platforms.

Earlier this year, Instagram Storefronts was launched providing an easy to click shopping platform direct from the social media channel.

It’s nothing new for these channels with Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest providing plenty of opportunities for brands to sell their products.

However, as consumers look for more on-demand ways to purchase their products and solve their problems, Social Commerce will develop into a mainstream retail channel for many businesses. Thus putting them in line with brick and mortar stores and websites.

The key for any business here is to make the shopping process as quick and efficient as possible. If you can create this flow, you are more likely to see success from Social Commerce options in your business.


As more and more consumers use social media platforms to interact with businesses, the importance of Customer Service will continue to grow.

After all, you just need to look at how quickly poor customer service responses in recent months can turn into major damage control for a business.

With options such as automated messages, messenger response times, it’s important for your business to have a customer service plan and strategy to be able to deal with customers' queries and feedback in a timely and appropriate matter.

A mitigation plan with FAQs and answers is always a great document to have on hand for anyone who might be managing your social media.


User-generated content (UGC) will continue to play a strong part in Marketing strategies particularly as 85% of consumers find visual UGC more influential than brand photos or videos.

Over the past few years, the trend remains strong with some brands relying heavily on UGC (for example Kathmandu) for their social media feeds.

For businesses, this is a free opportunity to encourage social media users to share their experiences within your business and be rewarded in return with a repost on your profile. To do this, simply encourage users to tag your business in their photo or use a branded hashtag to be considered.

Just like UGC, Influencer Marketing is not a new trend but it’s a trend that will be around for a while.

Yes, even as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook remove likes.

Using Influencers can prove cost-effective for businesses and help to create leads, higher engagement and new followers for businesses.

Popular influencers are starting to be incorporated in advertising across both traditional and new marketing methods.

But it’s important to do your research on the influencers you use. Ensuring your requirements and their fees are part of their contract will ensure a mutual business arrangement that will benefit both parties and potentially a successful partnership for the future as well.

By considering some of these trends in your marketing strategy in 2020, not only will you be allowing your business the chance to stop the scroll but also provide new and exciting ways to market your brand and its product to your desired audience with the potential for higher conversion rates and loyalty to establish yourself well over the next few years.

Want more information on which of these trends might be best for your business? Book an appointment with Demelza and build a successful 2020 Social Media strategy today!

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